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Load cell for hand or pneumatic operated press

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Bestech Australia presents the model 8451 load cell for a hand or pneumatic operated press, from Burster. This load cell was developed for the work forces arising on smaller manually operated presses.

With a height of only 75mm, the load cell is mounted in place of the tool’s upper part into the stamp borehole. On its lower side it features the same 10H7 or 20H7 borehole used for adapting the tool. As a result, the actual compression force in the axis of the stamp is measured. The vertically arranged compression body makes the load cell less vulnerable to rapidly rising forces as well as making it relatively sturdy against lateral forces and torsion.

The mounting of this load cell in the press is very simple and does not require additional mechanical parts to keep the force in the sensor axis.The load cell measures the compression forces between the ring formed contact area to the press stamp and the press tool. The load cell has a pin on the upper side with two flat parallel surfaces which help to fasten the sensor in the stamp drill with the cable leading out in the right direction. The tool is fastened to the drill of the sensor body with the help of a clamping screw. The connecting cable is 1m long and designed for many cycles, being a robot type cable. A protection class of IP67 with high-strength cable gland and use of O-ring seals is available for certain capacities.

Measuring ranges can vary from 0.5kN to 100kN, with errors being ≤±0.5% FS. Overload protection can vary from 500% for small capacities to 150% for larger capacities. This load cell for manual presses is compact and robust, with hermetic sealing for superior protection.  

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