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Lightweight and Compact Strain Gauges from Bestech Australia

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The broad range of strain gauges offered by Bestech Australia have simple construction, with a small mass and volume so they don't interfere with the object or specimen.

Small gauge length for accurate evaluation of localised stress

  • Receive good frequency response for tracking rapid fluctuations in stress
  • Perform simultaneous measurement of multiple and remote points
  • Easily process data with the electrical output

Different strain gauge orientation for various applications

  • General purpose foil gauge for stress concentration and torque
  • Transducer strain gauges with creep compensation
  • Waterproof gauge with coating of epoxy resin and integral lead wire
  • Temperature integrated strain gauge with thermocouple
  • Polyester backed foil strain gauges for metal, concrete and mortar
  • Wood strain gauge for long term measurement on wood
  • One-side gauge: Separated measurement of bending and axial strains of a plate

Accurate structure stress determination with strain gauges

  • Metal backing strain gauge for concrete surface
  • Magnetic field use strain gauge with twisted or shielded lead wire
  • Mould strain gauge is embedded in concrete or mortar for loading test
  • Asphalt strain gauge with waterproofing and heat resistance up to 200°C
  • Post-yield strain gauge for large strain measurement up to 20%
  • Crack strain gauge to measure length of crack
  • Semiconductor strain gauges for high gauge factor

Highly versatile composite material strain gauges

  • Foil strain gauges for wood and gypsum, low elastic modulus materials
  • Foil strain gauges for plastics, temperature compensated for acrylic or epoxy resin
  • Foil strain gauge for cryogenic temperature usable to -196°C
  • Foil strain gauge for high temperature to 300°C
  • Weldable strain gauges installed by spot welding for high temperature to 800°C
  • Bolt gauge is embedded in a pre-drilled hole of a bolt for axial strain measurement

Strain gauges are used to determine the stress in a structure by bonding them on the surface of the specimen and measuring the resultant change in its resistance. A wide range of strain gauges are available from Bestech Australia for various applications.

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