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Furness FCO750 differential pressure decay leak testers from Bestech Australia

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The Furness FCO750 differential pressure decay leak testers, available from Bestech Australia are designed for complex leak testing applications, while saving time and equipment cost. 

Incorporating several advanced features, the differential pressure decay leak detectors for instance, enable technicians to achieve the optimum test cycle time with high certainty using the front panel graphic and alpha-numeric display. Changes in both test pressure and pressure decay can be observed in graphical format.

Adjustments can be made to each phase of the test cycle, which is particularly useful when leak testing flexible parts and parts with integral filters. The STEP control is another time-saving feature in the leak testing equipment that enables the length of each phase to be adjusted and tested before the next phase is started.

Key features of Furness FCO750 differential pressure decay leak testers:

  • Simple set up process to automatically cycle up to 16 discrete test steps into one sequence 
  • Parts requiring sequence testing include those with multiple cavities and parts to be leak tested with more than one test pressure setting 
  • Many discrete test cycles can also be sequenced automatically 
  • Supports bar code technology allowing the user to automatically match the pre-set test cycle or sequence, when there are different parts randomly presented for leak detection on the same leak test station 
  • Logs up to approximately 10,000 test results for uploading to a computer for later analysis 
  • USB memory stick option enables millions of test results to be saved ‘on board’ 
  • When linked to a computer, can log test results up to available memory of the computer 
  • Furness F-BUS Utility software enables remote programming of all Furness leak testers 
  • Test results uploaded from the FCO750 can be displayed and presented in various formats 
  • User choice of communications includes RS232, RS485, Ethernet and USB 
  • Extensive programmable electrical I/O is standard with option for five independently programmable pneumatic outputs 
  • Pneumatic output option ideal for controlling Furness pneumatic leak test circuit specific MO1143 valves for venting test circuits and selection of discrete cavities in parts 
  • Test pressure ranges from -100kPa to +300kPa 
  • Manual and automatic pressure regulators are available 
Bestech Australia is equipped to offer optimum leak test solutions to its customers including prompt routine maintenance as well as repair and recalibration of all Furness leak detectors and low pressure measurement equipment. On-site calibration and leak test troubleshooting service is also available.

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28/01/2015 - All the technical information on the FCO750 is in the datasheet which we can email you. Supply voltage is 24V DC and < 500mA of current...

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