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Force Transducers and Load Cells in a Variety of Capacities from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia offers a wide range of products for the measurement of applied force and load. Force transducers and load cells are available in a variety of capacities and constructions for every application.

Highly accurate force and load measurement

  • Excellent consistency and durability, with materials such as stainless steel and nickel plating
  • High overload protection
  • High temperature stability
  • Excellent price to performance ratio

Extensive range of force transducers and load cells

  • Load cells for tension, compression or both
  • Double range load cells
  • “S” Type universal load cells
  • Load pins and single point load cells 
  • Bending and shear beam load cells
  • Centre hole / through hole constructions
  • Multi axial force transducers for measurements in more than one axis
  • Miniature force sensors
  • Submersible load cells for such applications as the measurement of tension on submarine mooring lines.
  • Heavy duty load cells for use in various harsh environments
  • Hermetically sealed units
  • Pancake load cells with low profiles
  • Fatigue rated load cells
  • Proving ring testing
  • Press fit load cells

Simple and accurate weighing and force measurement

  • Bins, hopper scales and platform scales
  • Finding the centre of gravity of an object
  • Vehicle weighing
  • Tension in wires
  • Brake pedal force
  • Gear change force
  • Legs of silos and tanks for weight
Bestech Australia provides force transducers and load cells finding the best solutions for force, load measurements for specific individual requirements. Bestech Australia information and contact details


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27/09/17 - Bestech Australia offers two new miniature load cells for precise tension and compression force measurements being carried out in limited spaces.
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17/11/15 - Bestech Australia introduces the new MRB20 piezo-resistive pressure sensors.
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05/08/15 - Soil consolidation testing is conducted to predict the safe load-bearing capacity of any soil type prior to building.
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02/08/15 - Major oil companies maintain core testing laboratories equipped to evaluate the oil producing potential of a given oilfield.
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18/02/15 - Bestech Australia presents a new range of ATEX compliant electronic pressure gauges for use in areas at risk of explosion hazards.
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