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Endevco Model 87 Seismic Accelerometers available from Bestech Australia

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The Endevco Model 87 piezoelectric accelerometers, available from Bestech Australia are designed for floor isolation testing, photolithography applications and high accuracy manufacturing environments.  

Similar in design to the highly sensitive Endevco 86 that measures ultra-low level seismic events and low frequency vibration of structures and objects, Model 87 seismic accelerometers feature vibration sensors with a higher range.  

Endevco Model 87 seismic accelerometers are hermetically sealed against environmental contamination. The device features 1 or 10 V/g sensitivity dependant on the range chosen, state-of-the-art signal-to noise ratio and near to DC frequency response.  

Key features of Model 87 seismic accelerometer: 

  • Incorporates an advanced ultra low-noise hybrid circuit operating in a constant current mode
  • Simple two-wire system transmits low-impedance voltage output and the required power
  • Signal ground is isolated from the outer case and the mounting surface to prevent ground loops
  • Specially designed low-noise cable assembly provided as a standard accessory
  • Near DC response: Flat to 0.01 Hz
  • Output sensitivity: 10 volt per g
  • Overload protected to 250 g
  • Low impedance output (<10Ω)
  • Available with full range of ±5 g with ±1V output signal or ±0.5g with ±10V FS output signal
  • Supply voltage is +24 to +30Vdc
  • Supplied with calibration data traceable to NIST
  • Threaded mounting stud is included as standard

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