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Bestech Australia  introduces a new range of miniature button type compression load cells.

Burster miniature load cells are available in a choice of 11 models with the most sensitive Burster 8413 load cell, 2.5 N being 9.7mm in diameter, and the highest load rated 8413, 5 kN being 19.1mm in diameter. The load cells vary in height from 3.4mm to 6.4mm, depending on the selected force range.

Applications for Model 8413 miniature load cells from Bestech Australia include machine tools, in-line production where compression fit for small parts is to be monitored, bio-physics research, quality control, small weigh stations, and aeronautic and submarine research.

Key features of Model 8413 load cells:

  • Semi-spherical load button
  • 1.5m braided 4 conductor electrical cable
  • High resonant frequency: 3.4 kHz for the 2.5 N load cell to 167 kHz for the 5 kN load cell
  • Output signal is 12mV/V for the 2.5N and 5N ranges with all other ranges having 1.5 or 2mV/V output
  • Lower ratings are semiconductor strain gauge and the high ratings are foil strain gauge
  • Configured as a full Wheatstone bridge and includes temperature compensation network
  • Static overload capacity is 150% full range
Model 8414 miniature compression load cells are available from Bestech Australia if higher overload protection is required. These load cells are available in a choice of six models ranging from 2.5 to 100 N. All other dimensions and characteristics are similar to the 8413 series.

Transducer specialists Bestech Australia supplies the complete range of Burster load cells in addition to a wide choice of load cell signal conditioning and digital load cell indicators to match most applications.

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