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Bestech Australia offers Multi Component Sensors for load, force and torque measurements

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Bestech Australia  is offering a range of multi-component sensors for measuring load, force and torque.

The tri axial sensor K3D120 from ME Systems for force measurement in three perpendicular axes. It can measure ±50N, ±200N or ±1000 N in all three axes and can be manufactured in other measurement ranges optionally. 

Due to its lightweight design, the multi-component K6D Series 6-axis sensors are ideal for robotic applications including:

  • collision
  • sensing
  • 'Teach-In'
  • presence and error sensing
  • force and torque control operation
  • load measurement in medial technology
  • movement analysis
  • measurement in sports medicine
  • wind tunnel testing (K6D-15 model only)
Force and torque loads can be analysed with a GSV-1A8USB measurement amplifier. The six load values can be calculated by means of a Windows DLL or via Labview with the help of a digital calibration document supplied. The calibration document contains the sensor's individual calibration factors and error corrections.

Screw testing requires measuring pre load, friction torque underneath the screw head and thread friction torque. Bestech Australia provides multi component sensors for this application, ranging from ± 60Nm/40kN to ± 100Nm/ 100kN with different sizes of screw heads for options. Model M-2230 has an accuracy of 0.2% full scale, and sensitivity of ±0.5mV/V. This thread friction sensor can take dynamic measurements of up to a maximum of 70% full scale (peak to peak). Ultimate load is above 400% full scale.

Bestech Australia also supply the M-2371, a contactless multi-component sensor for torque, force, speed and angle of rotation measurements in a range of 2 N•m/ 100N to 5 N•m / 500 N. This sensor allows digital signal transmission from rotor to stator preventing false readings and is maintenance free. 

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