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2D/3D Laser Scanner for profile and contour measurement

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Bestech Australia offers laser profile scanner for high precision 2D/3D profile measurement solutions. The sensors provide wear-free, reliable and accurate measurement with long service life. They are ideal for wide range of industrial applications such as in the manufacturing, mining, rail industry and also R&D.

ScanControl uses the laser triangulation principle for 2D profiling of target objects. A 3D profile of an object can be obtained for a moving object or by traversing the sensors along the object measurement line. The design of scanControl is compact and light-weighted and therefore, suitable for measurement in a restricted and difficult-to-access area such as in robotic applications. It can measure displacement up to 100mm (in x- and z-axis) with maximum measuring rate of 4kHz.

Similar with other laser sensor series, the scanContro is also available with blue laser technology to compensate for what red laser could not achieve, such as accurate measurement of (semi-)transparent, red-hot glowing or organic materials. The scanControl can also be operated synchronously with several ScanControl sensors, for example, when measuring large components or contour profiling. Up to 8 laser scanners can be controlled with ScanControl Smart PLC unit.

Typical applications:

  • Profile measurement of welding seam and brake disks
  • Measuring completeness of laser welding seams
  • Gap and flushness measurement of automotive body
  • Positioning of miniaturized electronic components
  • Defect recognitions
  • Tyre inspections
  • V-gap measurements on pipes
  • Profile evaluation and contour measurement of railway tracks
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