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Each steel belt from Berndorf Band is tailor-made to meet exactly customer’s requirements. An endless production method is used to ensure perfect tracking, uniform flatness and belt straightness. A further important criteria of steel belts is the corrosion resistance. Therefore Berndorf Band pays special attention to the selection of material. Berndorf Band steel belts are made to match extreme mechanical and thermal stress which makes them to the ideal solution for processes like baking, cooling, deep-freezing, steaming or drying.

Both, process and conveyor belts, can be provided with vee-ropes and / or product retaining strips. A special bonding method ensures perfect adhesion of vee-ropes and product retaining strips within operating temperatures ranging from -60° C to + 100° C. As a standard material for vee-ropes nitril rubber is used. For low temperature applications and for retainers which get in direct contact with processed food, Berndorf Band recommends using natural rubber, while retaining strips for bake oven belts are made from silicone rubber.

Berndorf Band’s world-wide service net places high emphasis on response time and quality work. To guarantee accountability, all service work is performed by certified technicians. The Berndorf Band training centre in Austria makes sure that all Berndorf Band service specialists world-wide are trained in the latest work techniques at regular intervals.

All above mentioned facts make Berndorf Band a reliable partner for a huge number of steel belt users, no matter if small and independent or multinational. Some of the most important OEM producers of steel belt machinery count on Berndorf Band as well.

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