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Cylinders from Berendsen Fluid Power

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Berendsen Fluid Power  offers a variety of cylinders namely nordon cylinders, tie road cylinders, heavy duty roundline cylinders and heavy duty mill cylinders. The company also provides its own custom designed and manufactured cylinders.

The various types of cylinders manufactured by Berendsen Fluid Power are telescopic multiple stage cylinders, spring loaded cylinders, synchronised constant velocity cylinders, linear servo actuators, rotary actuators and rotating cylinders. These cylinders are designed to the dimensional requirements and applications of the customer. Cylinders are constructed with stainless steel and built-in cartridges capable of holding high pressure.

Gear pumps, vane pumps and piston pumps are the three varieties of pumps offered by Berendsen Fluid Power. Gear pumps consist of accurate control over machining tolerances and high volumetric control efficiency by using floating bushes. Pumps are made of DU bearings, 12 teeth integral gear, extruded aluminium body, double shaft seals and nitrile seals.

The different types of valves offered by Berendsen Fluid Power are check valves, ball valves, flow control valves, relief valves, reducing valves, sequence valves, counter balance valves, directional valve, proportional valves and sandwich valves. These valves are made of steel body and have capacity to work under high pressure.

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