Shaft Mounted Reducers with Smooth Surfaces from Benzler Australia


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Benzler Australia provide shaft mounted reducers and worm gear drives which are durable, easily installed sala gears with unique belt technology.

The Sala Gears are easy to mount and dismount using a patented Kibo® system.

Sala Gears require minimal service
  • Robust design
  • Reduced components allow for fast part availability and service
  • V belt system provides protection to gearing from extreme shock loading
  • V belt system also provides the ability change speeds easily

Shaft Mounted Reducers are proven to be leak free
Comprise of a compact design with high torque capacity and can be sold as a gearbox or complete geared motor.

  • The unit comes lubricated and sealed
  • For tough applications such as wash down environments, they guarantee that their Environmental Solution will not peel
  • High torque in a small space allows shaft mounted reducers to be used in tight spaces
Shaft mounted reducers are designed with smooth surfaces which are ideal for wash down environments such as food and beverage facilities. Benzler Australia information and contact details


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