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The Benbro PVLink PCU is a 6 array stage commercial solar charge regulator which is suitable for 12V, 24V and 48V systems.

Why choose Benbro’s 6 Stage Solar Charge Regulator
The PCU is a stand alone regulator or can form part of an extensive hybrid system that includes a monitor/interrogation/comms unit, capable of controlling up to 6 PCUs and interfaces with other modules including load distribution units, Genset control units and 3 phase AC interface units.
  • The PCU provides a temperature compensated multi mode charge regime and is complete with Low Voltage load disconnect capability and multiple alarm output contacts
  • The display provides visual indication of the system status such as system Voltage, current, temperature, AH logging and alarm status, similar to other Benbro solar regulators
  • The solar charge regulator is housed in a rugged 19” 2RU rack mounting enclosure
  • All connections to the unit are pluggable for ease of installation and maintenance
  • The array inputs to the unit are fitted with circuit breakers and the unit is fitted with a 70 amp load circuit breaker
  • Configurable system Voltage, suitable for positive or negative earth systems
  • The Battery Voltage is measured using separate sense cables with reverse polarity protection and all inputs are fitted with transient protection
  • The 6 stage solar charge regulator is equipped to automatically control a standby generator and rectifiers and provides connectivity for RS232 interface
  • Up to 6 PCUs can be monitored and controlled by the PVLink interrogation Unit
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