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Metal Clad and Teck-Style industrial cables now available from Belden

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article image Metal Clad and Teck-Style industrial cables

Belden Metal Clad and Teck-Style 600V industrial cables are designed to meet demanding industrial needs by combining rugged durability and corrosion resistance with flexibility and easy handling.

Belden Metal Clad industrial cable is marked sunlight-resistant for cable tray use in direct burial designations, and cable constructions are listed to NEC Type MC.

Teck- Style industrial cables are price-competitive, high-performance, UL and CSA dual-rated cables with a flame-retardant XHHW insulated conductor and an inner PVC jacket for mechanical moisture and corrosion protection.

These industrial cables are constructed using:

  • Class B stranded bare copper conductors
  • cross-linked polyethylene insulation
  • bare copper ground wire
  • standard aluminum or optional galvanised steel interlocking armor
  • PVC outer jacket
  • thermoset insulation (XHHW-2 conductors); and
  • an NEC conductor temperature of 90°C dry and 90°C wet.
The minimum bending radius of the industrial cable is 23 times the overall cable diameter. The combined use of Kellems grips and pulling eyes is recommended.

Metal Clad and Teck-Style industrial cable may be used to meet the needs of pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum and other demanding industrial environments under the following conditions:

  • exposed or concealed wiring in dry or wet conditions
  • in ventilated, non-ventilated or ladder-type cable trays in dry or wet conditions
  • on walls or beams
  • directly buried
  • Class 1 and II Division 2 and Class III Division 1 and 2 hazardous locations.
The key advantages of using Metal Clad and Teck-Style industrial cable from Belden include:
  • high tensile strength
  • impact and crush resistance
  • heat-resistance
  • excellent elongation
  • moisture-resistance
  • good low temperature properties
  • 90°C dry and 90°C wet
  • high insulation resistance
  • low dielectric loss
  • high dielectric strength
  • corrosion resistance
  • versatile and flexible
  • provides cost savings as conduit and ducts are not required.
Custom industrial cables are also available upon request, which can utilise any number of construction features, such as:
  • armoring - aluminum interlock, steel interlock, and continuous corrugated aluminum
  • armor tapes - corrugated copper, aluminum, and steel
  • jackets - PVC, CPE, LDPE, TPE, HDPE, fluorocopolymer, oil res II, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH), Haloarrest, and polyurethane
  • shielding - overall Beldfoil, Duofoil, TC braid, TC double braid, individual beldfoil copper tape shields, and “french braid”
  • insulations - Datalene, XLPE, FEP, polypropylene, foam FEP, HDPE, PVC, TPE, and PVC-nylon
  • conductors - solid BC, stranded BC, solid bare copper-covered steel, and stranded TC.

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