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Bel-Ray introduces new wire rope coating grease

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article image Bel-Ray Biodegradable Wire Rope Coating Grease offers unrivalled protection and the advantage of biodegradability for all wire rope applications.

Bel-Ray Company, Inc. introduces a new biodegradable wire rope coating grease for wire rope and cable applications.

Bel-Ray has expanded on the performance of conventional wire rope coating grease by adding the biodegradability advantage for environmentally conscious operations.

Bel-Ray’s wire rope coating grease is a highly biodegradable and adhesive wire rope lubricant and protectant designed for use in extreme environments to safeguard against rust and corrosion. The grease is based on a proprietary formula that resists age hardening and oil separation to maintain consistency during long change intervals. The seed-oil based, organoclay-thickened grease can be applied to wire ropes and cables manually or using clamp-type pressure applicators.

Consisting of >80% renewable bio-based components, the readily biodegradable wire rope coating grease is more than 60% biodegradable in 28 days according to ASTM D5864 (similar to OECD 301B). Its no-sheen formula also passes the 60-minute EPA Static Sheen Test. 

Bel-Ray’s biodegradable wire rope coating grease is excellent for use in multiple applications including marine wire ropes, on-board crane ropes, stationary or running ropes, industrial cables and wire ropes, container cranes and other dockside ropes, and tow cables.

Key benefits of the biodegradable wire rope coating grease include ready biodegradability with negligible environmental residue; excellent penetration of product into wire ropes and cables for maximum protection against rust and corrosion; and formation of a protective film that resists water washout for long-term protection. 

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