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PC based control technology from Beckhoff, which has already been used successfully for almost three decades in all areas of industrial automation, has become an integral component of intelligent building automation.

The demands on the intelligence of buildings have increased constantly in recent years, such that the energy efficiency as well as a good “return on investment” is the priority.

Integrated Building Automation Systems for a range of users
  • Universal solution based on a transparent automation system
  • Central data management
  • Added value through integration of all services in a single system and utilisation of synergy effects for energy saving
  • The payback time for integrated automation is approximately 5 years
  • Extension and modification of the system in order to adapt it to changing technical requirements is straightforward over the whole life cycle
Architects and Planners
  • IP-based network configuration facilitates integration of the automation system into the building infrastructure already during the design phase
  • Free choice of topology, depending on the requirements in a particular building
  • Integrated design is simplified through flexible application of input/output modules, independent of the control system and function
System Integrators
  • Reduction of the number of actual physical data points reduces the potential for errors during installation and commissioning
  • Transparent access to the whole system for display/processing of parameters
  • Simplified maintenance and optimisation of the system
  • Seamless integration of room automation with the primary systems
The idea of a “green building” based on sustainable, energy efficient construction and building use can be realised with intelligent, integral building automation. Beckhoff offers a universal, scalable building automation control system covering PC- and Ethernet based controllers and a modular I/O system for logging all data points in buildings. BECKHOFF Automation information and contact details


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