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BECKHOFF built-in panels in stainless steel design offer scalability with unchanged dimensions

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article image BECKHOFF built-in panel and AM8800 servomotor in stainless steel design
Built-in panels in stainless steel design from BECKHOFF Automation offer versatile application options in the same dimensions as the existing models.

The built-in panels can be used as simple panels all the way up to complete control hardware in conjunction with TwinCAT automation software with unchanged dimensions.

Highlights of BECKHOFF built-in panel PCs and control panels:

  • CP69xx built-in control panel with DVI/USB extended connection can be operated up to 50m away from the PC
  • CP66xx built-in control panel with Ethernet port and Intel IXP420 processor can be used as an independent panel PC, remote desktop display or server terminal
  • CP62xx built-in panel PCs offer a complete control hardware in conjunction with TwinCAT
The stainless steel built-in panels as well as the stainless steel mounting arm panels in IP 65 protection are very compact, robust and customisable. The 12-, 15- and 19-inch built-in panels can optionally be equipped with an IP 67 USB port. Custom adaptations such as a modified front laminate are also possible.

Machine refinement with stainless steel control panels and servomotors

BECKHOFF’s new control panels and panel PCs in stainless steel design meet the stringent hygiene requirements and cleanroom regulations in the food and beverage industry with their gapless and flush case design. The IP 65 panels are available with flush-mounted 12" or 15" touch screens.

The new BECKHOFF AM8800 servomotor series is also available in stainless steel design with the residue-free stainless steel motors meeting strict FDA requirements and optimised for use in the food industry.

The motors from the AM8800 series require only one motor connecting cable for feedback and power, which significantly reduces the material and installation costs. Equipped in protection class IP 67 or optionally IP 69K, the AM8800 motors are even suitable for cleaning with high-pressure cleaners used in the food industry.

TwinCAT 3: Efficient engineering and multi-core support

TwinCAT 3 automation software opens up new possibilities for the food industry with the software supporting all common programming standards from C/C++ to the object-oriented extension of IEC 61131-3. Active multi-core support allows additional control hardware to be replaced by the central PC. Support for all common branch standards such as OMAC or WS-Food/WS-Pack ensures optimum connectivity.

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