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BECKHOFF Automation’s AX5000 servo drive series with extended versions at Ligna 2009

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BECKHOFF Automation  will present their industry solutions for the wood industry and a range of product innovations at Ligna 2009. With high-performance functions that are integrated into automation and industry-specific software modules, Beckhoff Automation enable manufacturers of woodworking machines to respond quickly and individually to complex requirements, based on a high-performance, standardised PC-based platform and TwinCAT automation software.

The Beckhoff Automation’s control solution for woodworking machines includes industrial PCs, I/O devices (bus terminals, Fieldbus box modules), drive technology, EtherCAT and TwinCAT automation software. The multi-purpose control package is complemented by industry-specific solutions in the form of high-performance software modules for different processing steps, including drill optimisation or user interfaces for a number of machine types.

The Beckhoff Automation’s hardware platform includes new processor technology, for example, Intel® Atom, Core2 Duo and Core2 Quad architectures, resulting in continuous enhancement of industrial PC performance. For the users, this means that they do not need a completely new automation concept in order to serve the next evolutionary phase of mechanical engineering, but rather that PC-based automation offers them adequate possibilities for development.

For less complex machines Beckhoff Automation offer a downward-scalable product range based on embedded PCs and bus terminal controllers. The same TwinCAT engineering platform is used for all hardware configurations.

Beckhoff Automation will present a range of new products at Ligna 2009. The focus is on drive technology, since woodworking machines place high demands on drives. The AX5000 servo drive series was extended with versions with rated motor currents up to 170 A. The industrial PC and I/O product lines will also feature some innovations and additions.

Beckhoff Automation offer innovative safety solutions. The full integration of all safety functions into PC-based control technology without additional complex and costly measures offers users maximum flexibility.

Beckhoff Automation’s booth also focuses on services for woodworking machines, including solutions for upgrading older machines with PC-based control technology, solutions for production data acquisition, and machine-and company-specific adaptations of TwinCAT modules.

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