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Beckhoff Automation's range of industrial PCs satisfy industry’s demands with the highest performance PCs with Intel® Core™2 Duo and Intel® Core™2 Quad processors.

Appealing, individual housing construction allows optimum adaptation to controller requirements.

Advanced, high performance components and processors
  • Choose the right Industrial PC for every controller
  • PCs with low power consumption with Intel® Atom™ processors
  • Open standards following the norm ATX
  • Components carefully tested to ensure appropriateness for industrial applications
  • Appealing industrial design housings
  • Easy access to PC components
  • Integration of electromechanical buttons, switches, scanner, hand wheel and other components in the Control Panel
  • Fine scaling is provided for through processor incrementing from Intel® Atom™ up to Intel® Core™2 Quad.Intel® Core™2 Quad processors provide sufficient processing power even for complex applications
  • Intel® Atom™ processors enable extremely small, fanless controllers and are to be found in the lower price range.
Elegant Control Panels and Panel PCs
The IPC is complemented by an industrial display unit. The Beckhoff Control Panels and Panel PCs are the visual front end for machines or plants. Spatial separation of display/control unit and control computer offers maximum flexibility.

Appealing design, robustness and suitability for industrial applications were important criteria in the development of the Control Panel series, which comes with display sizes between 5.7" and 24". All displays can be fully tailored to customer requirements, options include:
  • Visual adaptation to the corporate design or application of a customer logo
  • Customised front membranes
  • A wide range of special mechanical keys
  • Emergency stop switches
  • Card scanners or RFID readers
Beckhoff Automation's industrial PCs, in combination with the TwinCAT® automation software, offer a high performance control system for PLC, NC and CNC functionalities.

An important feature of the Beckhoff product philosophy is the use of advanced, high performance components and processors for the development and design of Industrial PCs.  
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