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Liquid tyre sealant available from Bearcat Tyres

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article image An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with Carlisle tyres, protected by Arnco ReSeal

ReSeal is a laboratory tested and road proven, liquid tyre sealant that will protect the tyres from punctures up to a 6mm size hole.

Designed to protect tyres in all off-road applications including agricultural vehicles, mowing equipment, material handling equipment and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), ReSeal is a technologically advanced and environmentally safe tyre sealant.

ReSeal repairs punctures and seals tyres instantly and permanently, while not affecting the balance of the tyre and wheel assembly.

ReSeal is pumped into the tyre in liquid form through the valve stem. It adds miniscule extra weight and remains liquid for the life of the mounted tyre.

As the tyre rotates, ReSeal spreads evenly over the inside surface. Immediately a penetration occurs, the air pressure in the tyre forces millions of fibre particles and fillers suspended in the liquid to be sucked into the hole. ReSeal plugs the hole in the tread area preventing any further air loss within one or two revolutions of the wheel.

This action is so fast that the operator may not even know a puncture has occurred. When the tyre is inspected and the cause is still present, the object can be removed. However, after the removal, the vehicle should be driven immediately to enable the tyre to re-seal itself.

Obviously the fibre particles play an important role in the tyre sealant. The stronger the fibres, the stronger the tyre repair. ReSeal utilises the unique qualities of Kevlar, an advanced synthetic fibre used in tyre cord and bullet proof vests, to suitably protect the tyre.

Kevlar is a special way of weaving a liquid into a solid. It is woven like tiny spider webs, which is called an aramid weave. Aramid fibers are difficult to corrode, resistant to heat, and have no melting point.

ReSeal’s advanced viscosity formula ensures non-congealing or separation inside the tyre. ReSeal is non-flammable and environmentally safe and contains corrosion inhibitors that protect tyres, rims and valve stems.

ReSeal maintains consistent air pressure, improves fuel economy and extends the life of the tyre, so it actually pays for itself.

With the protection of ReSeal and its Kevlar component, operators can expect the safety and durability of solid or puncture-proof tyres with the comfort and control of pneumatics.

ReSeal is available from Bearcat Tyres .

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