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Bearcat Tyres provides wheels and tyres to Linde Materials Handling Australia

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article image Wheels hand-welded at Bearcat’s wheel factory

Linde Materials Handling Australia, is ideal to its ability to provide its customers, the entire range of forklifts, all manufactured by the one company.

From hand pallet jacks through to 52 tonne container forklifts and specialised warehousing equipment, there is a Linde forklift for every materials handling application.

Bearcat Tyres  has been supplying Linde Materials Handling with wheels, tyres and specialised maintenance services for over 14 years.

Bearcat Tyres is Australia’s large supplier of specialised industrial tyres and part of the Solideal group of companies – the industrial tyre manufacturer.

“With so much literally riding on tyres,” said Richard Blacker, Bearcat’s sales and marketing manager, “it is important for warehouse managers, fleet management specialists and end-users to be aware of the important contribution they make to vehicle performance.”

“As the only component of the vehicle in constant contact with the ground, the type of tyres selected, their size, tread pattern and compound all combine to effect load carrying capacity, energy efficiency, traction, stability, manoeuvrability, driver comfort, service life and ultimately, productivity and profits,” said Richard Blacker.

However, even with high quality tyre for a specific application, Richard Blacker says that care needs to be taken by users, who often overlook simple maintenance procedures.

“It is important for operators to maintain their equipment and use it carefully,” said Richard Blacker.

“The significant advice I can give to maximise tyre life is to not drive over kerbs or other obstacles – this is the single big cause of tyre damage and shortened tyre life.”

“With pneumatic tyres, it is also imperative to always ensure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure,” he said. “Correct inflation minimises rolling resistance and maximises tyre life.”

To provide on-site service to customers, Bearcat Tyres operates a fleet of specialised service trucks fitted with hydraulic tyre presses. These trucks provide fast and full changeover of a set of resilient or cushioned tyres in as little as 45 minutes.

Further, reinforcing its commitment to customers, in 2004 Bearcat Tyres invested in an industrial wheel manufacturing plant, located at its national headquarters at Girraween in Sydney’s west.

Wheel manufacturing is labour intensive, with each wheel being hand-welded with quality control vigilant every step of the way.

“The move into wheel manufacturing was a logical step for Bearcat Tyres,” explained Richard Blacker.

“For over 30 years we have been supplying high quality tyres to Australian users and we decided to offer this additional service for our customers. Now they can come to us for inclusive tyre and wheel packages.”

“This venture reflects our approach to our customers, our purpose is not just to sell tyres – it is to know our customers’ priorities. We then work with them to ensure that the services we provide will integrate well into – and support - their plans for the future,” said Richard Blacker.

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