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Battery repacking services provided by Battery Doctor

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Battery repacking services offered by Battery Doctor involves disassembling of entire battery pack, removing all old internal cells and replacing them with brand new cells. Battery Doctor provides high quality rebuilding of battery pack wherein the old battery is subjected to some changes to obtain a battery with new features using Spot welding equipment.

Battery repacking offered by Battery Doctor is more cost effective when compared to buying a new battery. Cells with a higher capacity can be assembled using Battery Repacking offered by Battery Doctor, which inturn increases the life of the batteries.

Discontinued battery packs and battery packs used in industrial applications and specialised instrumentation such as surveying equipment etc. are suitable for battery repacking by Battery Doctor.

Batteries of mobile phones, cordless phones, laptop computers, camcorders, digital cameras and cordless drills are not suitable for battery repacking. It is also unsafe to subject Lithium batteries to Battery Doctor’s battery repacking.

Alcohol Breath Tester is available from the range of gadgets offered by Battery Doctor. It is useful for drivers who take alcohol occasionally. Battery Doctor’s Alcohol Breath Tester has a semiconductor alcohol sensor and its warm-up time is within 10 seconds; response time is within 5 seconds; operating temperature range is 5 to 40 degree Celsius. This product also features digital display of results, auto power-off, low voltage indicator, real time and alarm clock, countdown timer and inbuilt thermometer.

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