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SBS Marine installs Europafilter oil filtration systems on their vessels

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article image Europafilter oil filtration systems available from Basil V R Greatrex

SBS Marines choose Europafilter oil filtration systems to ensure that the lubricants on their thrusters are always in optimal working condition.  

SBS Marines were well aware of the importance of using clean lubricants in order to prevent the wear and degradation of ship thrusters.  

Subsequently, the company opted for Europafilter 0.1 micron offline systems. These oil filtration systems have been assembled in an offline circuit, and they operate in a manner that ensures the lubricant is continuously treated while the tunnel thruster is in operation. This is achieved by cleaning the oil that comes from the oil reservoir before returning it back to the reservoir.  

SBS Marines have been incredibly pleased with the performance of the oil filtration systems. Oil analysis has shown that the lubricants are continuously in good condition, which in turn saves SBS Marines both time and money.  

Similarly, when the company recently docked two of their ships and inspected the thrusters, both ships, which have been in operation since 2003, had no problems with water or particle contamination.  

The thrusters have not required repairs since the Europafilter oil filtration units were installed, which clearly suggests that they are highly effective in keeping the lubricants in optimum condition.   

Europafilter oil filtration systems are available in Australia exclusively through Basil V R Greatrex.

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