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Europafilter is a unique and patented oil cleaning system whose particulate and water (oxygen) removal capabilities are unmatched in the world of oil cleaning. 

It is widely accepted today that greater contamination (particle) removal from oil systems leads to extended equipment life, reduced unplanned breakdowns, lower oil purchase and disposal costs, reduced oil system maintenance costs. 

Europafilter's patented design allows it to remove up to 70% - 98% more contaminant particles by weight, over 98% of all water in the system as well as 99% of all varnish. There is no other side stream filter capable of cleaning your oil system like the Europafilter can.

Reduce the risk of contaminated oil and protect equipment from corrosion
  • Clean oil cost effectively 
  • Reduce wear on valves, cylinders and bearings 
  • Reduce unplanned production downtime and therefore improve productivity 
  • Higher quality in production output 
  • Eliminate almost all waste oil disposal 
  • Reduce varnish up to 99%  
Award winning, economical oil cleaning system for many sectors
Europafilter EF Series Oil Cleaning and Conditioning Systems helps reduce maintenance costs up to 80% and oil consumption by up to 90%, resulting in longer machine life. Europafilter is suitable for the following industry applications:
  • Hydraulics 
  • Offshore facilities 
  • Shipping 
  • Heavy vehicles 
  • Pulp and paper 
  • Injection moulding 
  • Energy sector 
Simple oil filter with advanced functions
Europafilter EF Series Oil Cleaning Systems are easy to install. Basil V. R. Greatrex is the distributor for Europafilter EF Series Oil Cleaning and Conditioning Systems in Australia
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12/04/12 - Europafilter Kidneyloop oil filtration systems, available exclusively from Basil VR Greatrex, have been installed in ferry gearbox compartments in an attempt to resolve operational malfunctions
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11/04/12 - Norweigan company StatoilHyrdo installed Europafilter oil filtration units in their compressor trains after they were experiencing operational reliability issues
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10/04/12 - Europafilter solved the operational reliability issues of the transformer sheet cutter at ABB Ludvika Hydraulics by installing offline oil filitration systems
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05/04/12 - Europafilter enhanced the operating conditions of one of Talisman Energy’s hydraulic lift cranes by installing their Kidneyloop oil filtration systems in its engine room
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04/04/12 - SBS Marines choose Europafilter oil filtration systems to ensure that the lubricants on their thrusters are always in optimal working condition.
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