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Distributed by Basil V R Greatrex, the BEKOKAT® oil free compressed air system is ideally complimented by another unique product from Beko, the METPOINTOCV® oil vapour monitoring system which makes possible real time in-line measurement of oil contamination levels within the compressed air system.

Environmentally friendly and no hazardous waste
  • BEKOKAT® is now “Certified” to meet ISO 8573 Class 1 
  • Tested by the German organisation TUV Nord and is certified to meet the requirements of ISO 8573 class 1; “Concentration of total oil ≤ 0.01 mg/m³” 
  • The new BEKOKAT® represents a real breakthrough offering truly oil free air from lubricated compressors without compromise. Once installed and on line, the BEKOKAT® unit will operate as a fire wall giving dependable 24 hours, 7 days a week protection from hydrocarbon contaminants entering the compressed air system. 
  • Clean Oil Free Condensate 
  • Very Low Service Requirements 
  • Oil Free Compressed Air every time, better than ISO 8573 Class 1 Oil Content 
  • Long Three Year Catalytic Bed Life 
  • Part Load Operation without Restriction 
  • Independent of Ambient Temperature, Air Humidity and Oil Inflow Concentration 
  • Internal Valves will shut air supply down instantaneously on any rise in Oil level 
For highly sensitive industry applications
Oil free compressed air is often required in industries including:
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry 
  • Chemical Industry 
  • Food and Beverage Industries 
  • Medical Technology 
  • Surface Technology 
  • Packaging Industry 
Achieve clean, oil free condensate
Oil free air is commonly generated by an oil free compressor. Hydrocarbons can be introduced into the compressed airline either by the use of oil in a lubricated compressor, or are ingested into the air intake of the compressor (either lubricated or oil free compressor) from the environment. 

The BEKOKAT® utilizes a catalytic converter to ensure total oxidation of all these potentially harmful hydrocarbon contaminants. 

The catalytic process converts hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide, totally eliminating oil contamination from the compressed airline and ensuring that the condensate being generated by the air compressor is safe for the environment. 

Avoid costly installations and maintenance by installing a BEKOKAT® Oil Free Air System. Basil V R Greatrex information and contact details


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