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Basil V R Greatrex provides a comprehensive survey and leakage management program that includes measurement, detection, reporting, repair and project monitoring.

The LEAQS Compressed Air Leak Detection and Web-based Management System is the world’s most used system for leakage management.

Minimise project time and create a platform to assess environmental benefits
LEAQS™ can find more leaks, document them and fix them faster.
  • LEAQS™ has a proven system as well as experience 
  • LEAQS™ have web based software that makes detailed reports available to the customer via the internet 
  • LEAQS™ is able to provide independent leakage detection solutions for the customer 
  • LEAQS™ is the world's largest leakage detection company with more than 6000 documented projects 
  • LEAQS provides a no risk guarantee for initial audits
Successfully manage the Leakage Management Process
The LEAQS service can include:
  • Calculating an actual cost of compressed air 
  • Detecting, grading and Documenting Leaks 
  • Implementing Reporting Systems and logistical solutions for efficient remedial action 
  • Access to a web-based system to view and monitor project results 
  • Conducting leakage repairs 
  • Project validation through system measurement 
  • Ongoing support 
By having the right leak management system and process in place, business operators can monitor development, identify trends and create improvements within the business. Basil V R Greatrex information and contact details

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