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Distributed by Basil V R Greatrex , the BEKOMAT® loss-free Condensate Drainage products are designed for compressed air systems. Fitted with an intelligent capacitive sensor, the BEKOMAT® condensate drainage can help reduce unnecessary costs and damages during the generation of compressed air and minimise energy input.

Increase efficiency without compressed air losses
BEKOMAT® electronically level-controlled compressed air condensate drains are suitable for aggressive, pollutant-loaded condensates.
  • See an improved efficiency and operation of your compressed air system in conjunction with minimum maintenance requirements
  • A high quality branded product offering perfect performance and economic efficiency.
  • No unnecessary loss of compressed air
  • Discharge adapted to condensate quantity
  • Sensor registers every type of condensate
  • Unaffected by dirt
  • Fully automatic monitoring and equipped with a fault signal
  • Has cross-sections to prevent emulsification
  • A wide range of models makes it possible to select a suitable and cost-effective device for each particular application
  • Can be adapted to all the usual supply voltages
Reliable, cost effective and efficient
With more than 2 million installations worldwide, these electronically level-controlled BEKOMAT® condensate drains are the industrial standard for reliable and cost-effective condensate drainage.

The extensive BEKOMAT® range of products offers the certainty of choosing the optimum condensate drain for any compressor performance, compressor type, system pressure and operating conditions. Special BEKOMAT® devices are available for extremely aggressive condensates, ex-areas, low pressures and vacuums, as well as for the no-load operation of multi-stage compressors. Basil V R Greatrex information and contact details


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