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Shaft Loaders and Shaft Unloaders available from Bartec Solutions

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The range of shaft loaders available from the product range supplied by Bartec Solutions loads shaft type work within 25% of the time required of a barfeeding machine and is suitable for components that require end work only. The dimensions of the magazine supplied with Bartec Solutions’ Shaft Loader are 11.81 inches (300 millimetres) length, 19.69 inches (500 millimetres) depth and 7.87 inches (200 millimetres) height. Bartec Solutions’ Shaft-Loader, which is a pneumatic lifter, lifts and separates shafts or billets from the magazine into the supporting ‘V’ location at the Lathe centreline.

SUL-1500, a Shaft Unloader available from Bartec Solutions, performs high speed unloading of shaft type work generally through a lathe sub-spindle. The Shift Unloader SUL-1500 offered by Bartec Solutions uses a collet type gripper to remove a component through the sub-spindle. Bartec Solutions’ SUL-1500 requires only a minimal setup as the collet normally needs to be changed.

Bartec Solutions’ SUL-1500 is used for total automation with the Bartec Shaft-Loader combined in the CNC-Lathe package. Both the Shaft Loader and Shaft Unloader available from Bartec Solutions have a 59.06 inches (1500 millimetres) stroke suitable for long shaft type components.

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