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BAR Group introduces long length telescopic lance

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BAR Group has released a new long length telescopic lance, designed for use with pressure cleaning equipment. The telescopic wand has a reach of 7.3 metres and can be used in high, hard to reach places.

The telescopic wand is suitable for both domestic and professional users. Domestic users can use the telescopic lance to remove spider webs under second story eaves. Professional users such as contract cleaners and construction companies can use the wand to do away with expensive and ungainly scaffolding to complete the cleaning job. A turbo head can also be connected to further increase the cleaning capacity.
The unit is made of fibreglass and weighs six kilos. When fitted with the optional belt kit, the telescopic lance reduces strain and makes it easy to manoeuvre. The lance can be used with any machine of up to 4000Psi, and a gutter cleaning kit is also available to facilitate gutter cleaning from a ground level position.
The lance retracts to 2.74m, allowing it to be transported.

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