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Proximity switches with large switching distances

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article image HyperProx proximity switch

TRIPLEPROX and HyperProx, the new proximity switches from Balluff-Leuze , provide greater mechanical tolerances and allow for longer distances to moving targets than standard proximity switches.

The TripleProx has three times the switching distance, and HyperProx four times the switching distance compared with a standard proximity switch.

Each switch features a metal housing and an LED to indicate the switching state of the sensor output. The new switches are insensitive to aggressive media.

TripleProx and HyperProx allow the use of a smaller sensor to achieve the same range and the use of a sensor in previously inaccessible areas.

Costs associated with replacing damaged sensors are reduced and maintenance downtime is eliminated. TripleProx and HyperProx can be mounted further away from the target, therefore minimising the risk of mechanical damage.

Both TripleProx and HyperProx conform with EMC testing requirements.

TripleProx and HyperProx can be used to reduce problems of bearing and brushing wear, debris on sensor faces, mechanical misalignment and vibration.

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