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New optoelectronic sensors from Balluff

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Certified to ECOLAB and IP 69K standards, Balluff’s optoelectronic sensors from Balluff offer outstanding seal protection and material resistance in compliance with the demands made on modern industrial systems, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. To comply with ECOLAB standards, Balluff has extended its testing schedule to include additional substances under more severe operating conditions.

Particularly when used in sectors such as food processing, filling and packaging, and in the pharmaceuticals industry, optosensors are required to withstand exposure to high-pressure equipment and aggressive cleaning and disinfection agents. The IP 69K protection rating guarantees seal-tightness against sprayed water, but does not encompass the use of chemical additives such as alkalis or acids.

In contrast, the Henkel-ECOLAB-Test F&E no. 40-1 encompasses the immersion of sensors in cleaning agents for several weeks, using a wide-ranging portfolio of different cleaning products.

Series 3B, series 8, series 18, series 25B, series 46B and series 96 Metal sensors from Balluff are ideally equipped to meet increasingly stringent hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceuticals industry. These include ever shorter cleaning intervals, longer application periods and higher concentrations of cleaning agents but also new cleaning procedures such as gassing with H2O2.

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