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Micro-BIL mini-sensors from Balluff

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Continuous position sensing is increasingly in demand for small grippers, since conventional limit switches with their binary output signals often do not suffice. Now there is a solution, Micro-BIL.

The sensor area of the Micro-BIL is significantly smaller than its bigger brothers. Use of the Micro-BIL on mini-grippers is a prime example of Balluff’s trend towards miniaturisation.

The sensing components of the Micro-BIL mini-sensor in Balluff’s range of inductive displacement sensors are housed in a conventional cylinder switch body designed for direct attachment in used T-slot. The processing electronics, which are separate from the sensing head, can be located wherever convenient, such as on the side of the gripper.

A magnet integrated into the gripper serves as the marker element. The sensor is ideal for measuring ranges up to 10 mm. The output is an absolute, distance-proportional current and voltage signal from 4…20 mA and 0…10 V.

By sensing the gripper travel it can be told whether a part was picked up or not and, if yes, whether it is held correctly or incorrectly. In cases where a variety of parts are involved, the analog signal also indicates which part was picked up.

The Micro-BIL is also able to sense positions through, walls. The permanent magnet can be located behind an aluminum wall, for example. Switching points, which previously had to be mechanically set and adjusted, can now be defined in software and quickly and flexibly changed as needed.

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