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IO-Link interface from Balluff

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IO-Link interface eliminates the bottleneck on the sensor/actuator level and makes the binary point-to-point connection dialogue-capable. IO-Link interface replaces complex interfaces with a 3-wire standard cable and allows consistent parameterization and diagnostic concepts all the way to the process level.
IP-Link thus reduces downtime and operating costs. Balluff GmbH is assisting the development into an industry-binding standard.

IO-Link transmits the actual process signal along with diagnostic and parameter data over a simple standard cable at a data rate of 4.8 or 38.4 K baud, or optional 230 K baud.
Expensive cabling is eliminated, since IO-Link needs only an unshielded 3-wire standard connection cable, even for multi-channel sensors and when transmitting digitized analogue values.

IO-Link documents a detailed picture of the status of the actuators and sensors. Availability of the system increases with improved diagnostic and maintenance functions. Time-consuming setup work on the process level is eliminated, the required parameters are stored centrally and loaded as needed. IO-Link simplifies handling, reduces downtimes along with the total cost of ownership.

By the end of this year, Balluff will offer the IO-Link master and IO-Link devices such as IO-Link-capable displacement and distance sensors, low-cost RFID systems and color sensors. IO-Link is compatible with all existing devices, and introduction can be accomplished at any time and in increments.

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