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Identification system for pallet tracking

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THE Balluff identification system (BIS) is designed to link together controlled manufacturing and information flow to increase flexibility and economy.

BIS user programmable tags are data carriers encapsulated in rugged housings, mounted to the part carriers or pallets and integrated into the production cycle.

Information such as serial numbers, ID codes, inspection codes, or vital production data can be written to or read from non-volatile memory.

Data can be programmed into BIS tags off-line or "on-the-fly" and written/read at subsequent stations in basic part identification applications.

BIS sensor heads are used to transfer data with the BIS tags without contact by way of inductive coupling technology. Data is transferred between tags and sensors across an 'air-gap' similar to transformer winding applications.

Sensors and tags both contain coils. 70kHz power and 455kHz data signals are induced between the sensor's coil and the tag's coil during a read or write operation.

This method is used for the noise interference free transmission quality and also allows data transmission to occur even when there is heavy contamination on either the sensor or tag.

BIS processor units control the BIS sensor heads and interface the BIS tag data with the host control system. BIS processor units have interface variations including serial, parallel, Balluff protocol, InterBus, Profibus DP and DeviceNet.

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