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Fast, versatile barcode reader from Balluff for harsh industrial use

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article image Balluff’s new BVS HS-P barcode reader

Balluff has introduced the new industrial handheld reader BVS HS-P to its optical identification solutions range.

The new portable barcode reader combines an intuitive operation with the ability to reliably read high-resolution barcodes; codes over a wide range at a read distance of up to 110cm; and also Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes. This flexible reader is ideal for a variety of applications including traceability, automated replenishment and logistics.

Key features of Balluff’s BVS HS-P industrial handheld barcode readers include rugged construction offering IP 65 protection and withstanding drops from up to two metres without any damage; wireless version with Bluetooth giving the user maximum possible freedom of movement within a range of up to 100 metres around the base station; ergonomic design with ability to decode all common 1D, 2D and stacked barcodes on objects moving at up to 0.8m/s; read reliability not affected by tilting up to 40° and rotation angles of up to 180°; and optical aiming system with a highly visible laser marking border simplifying handling and target acquisition.

Balluff’s new BVS HS-P portable barcode readers also feature acoustic and optical LED signals including a projected LED spot on the code ensuring reliable read confirmation in loud or bright surroundings.

The wireless version with its high-capacity rechargeable battery increases user flexibility and enables a variety of portable situations. The industrial handheld reader BVS HS-P from Balluff is simple to integrate via USB, Bluetooth or RS 232 interface. The ergonomic design and low weight ensure comfortable and fatigue-free operation.

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