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Wastewater treatment systems from Baldwin Industrial Systems

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Baldwin Industrial Systems  offers a wide range of wastewater treatment systems, which includes CPS or coalescing plate separators; DAF or dissolved air floatation; special chemical treatment; oil skimmers; fine filtration and electro ionisation.

CPS systems supplied by Baldwin Industrial Systems come in two varieties, of small packaged units and large designed units. These are gravity separators, for removing oils, greases and suspended solids from wastewater streams. The discharge is from underground pits or overground tanks. Quality of discharge is suitable for disposal into sewers or storm water pipes.

Baldwin Industrial Systems supplies DAF as small, packaged and fully automatic systems, with coagulant and polymer additions, pH control and cells for partial recycle and circular flotation. These systems are made of stainless steel, PLC controlled and come in sizes from 2m3/HR to 40m3/HR. Larger units, assembled at site can also be supplied.

Speciality chemical treatment from Baldwin Industrial Systems is for use in difficult cases. The chemical removes surfactants, greases and oils, heavy metals and solids by encapsulating the contaminants in disposable sludge. These systems are available as manual or automatic and made of stainless steel, with PLC control.

Oil skimmers come in various sizes and materials and the types are floating, belt, disk and tube skimmers.
Fine filtration method provides clean discharge, which can be used in irrigation or recycling operations.

Electro Ionisation system is still under development in Baldwin Industrial Systems, the aim being to provide a non-chemical method of treatment.

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