Single Step Wastewater Treatments with Baldwin's RM-10® Chemicals

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Applied in a single application, the RM-10® Chemicals are made up of organic, inorganic, minerals, bases and polymers that are mixed together to form a complex formula that can be used to remove emulsified oils, heavy metals, solids and phosphates from wastewater.

RM-10® Wastewater Treatment Process

  • Step 1: Acids becomes active which the pH and breakdown oily emulsions 
  • Step 2: Oil and negative charged species such as phosphates are attracted to the cationic polymers
  • Step 3: The pH increases due to the basic component becoming active and metals can be removed
  • Step 4: The remaining heavy metals are then bonded to the sodium on the clay by electrostatic force
  • Step 5: Clear water and non-leachable sludge is produced when the reacted mass becomes permanently encapsulated by the clay
Manual and Automatic Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment
Baldwin Industrial Systems designs and configurations enable efficient and economical treatment of most industrial wastewater applications.

  • “Busta” manual units are for treating 300-500L per day 
  • Semi-Automatic units require minimal operator time and are ideal for treating 750-1000L per hour 
  • Fully automatic units are PLC controlled and of stainless steel construction 
  • Treatment rates range from 1000L to10,000L per hour and can continually treat without operator attention 24 hours a day
Chemical wastewater treatment for equipment wash down

  • Paint manufacturing - wash waters 
  • Corrugators - ink and glue water 
  • Vibratory de-burring 
  • Diecasting 
  • Metal working coolants 
  • Plating Parts washing 
  • Phosphate removal 
Baldwin Industrial Systems provides a full range of wastewater treatment solutions including Coalescing Plate Separators, Dissolved Air Flotation, Fine Filtration and Electro Ionisation.
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