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Engine by-products, liner movement, and the wear and tear of starting and stopping the engine combine to deplete SCAs. Keeping SCAs at levels necessary for protection of the cooling system requires frequent testing and a careful maintenance schedule.

  • FleetStrip Coolant Test Kit (CTK5029) measures freeze point, nitrite and molybdate. Each strip shows all tests; there’s no need to mix or measure solutions. A color-coded chart profiles the condition of the SCA. The kit works with any conventional coolant formulation. Smaller kits (CTK5029-4 and CTK5029-1) include four self-contained test strips and one self- contained test strip, respectively, as opposed to the 50 strips in CTK5029 above.
  • Baldwin Cooling System Cleaner (CSC) is ideal for flushing cooling systems. Baldwin’s non-acidic CSC dissolves scale and corrosion particles and removes silica gel and oil. Baldwin CSC is especially important after engine repairs or rebuilds to flush out particles that can be left behind.

    Coolant filters trap dirt, scale, rust, core sand left from engine casting and other contaminants. They should be changed at every oil-change interval. Quick, easy maintenance of the cooling system, including new Baldwin filters and the appropriate SCA, will prolong engine life, increase productivity and forestall costly repairs. 

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