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Baldwin offers a full line of coolant filters for heavy-duty applications, with two formulations of SCAs to meet specific engine needs.

  • Baldwin Filters’ Balanced Treatment for Ethylene Glycol (BTE) is a borate/nitrite-based inhibitor, designed specifically for 30 percent to 60 percent ethylene/propylene glycol solutions. BTE provides superior protection against cavitation erosion, liner pitting, corrosion, scale and foaming.
  • Baldwin Filters’ Balanced Treatment Additive (BTA PLUS) is a phosphate/molybdate/nitrite-based coolant inhibitor, designed for use in plain water or in antifreeze solutions up to 60 percent. BTA PLUS provides excellent protection against cavitation erosion, liner pitting, corrosion, scale and foaming.
  • Baldwin does not recommend the operation of engines using only plain water as a coolant.
  • Baldwin coolant filters are available without SCAs for owners and shops who prefer to add liquid additives to their cooling systems.

Depletion of Supplemental Coolant Additives

SCAs do a wonderful job protecting your cooling system, but engine by-products, starting and stopping and liner movement deplete them. To keep SCAs at their proper level, where they provide the protection your system requires, you should test your system frequently and follow an established maintenance schedule. 

Properly maintained cooling system protects engine 

A properly maintained cooling system is important in protecting engine components against cavitation erosion and corrosion.

Cavitation erosion occurs when tiny vapor bubbles form and implode on the inside surface of the liners — pitting and wearing out the cylinder liners.

Corrosion indicates improper care of the cooling system and appears in several forms:

  • Oxidation — appears on aluminum components as a white powder and is caused by the corrosive action of combustion by-products introduced into the system.
  • Rust — appears on the cast-iron fluid channel surfaces. Engine combustion by-products increase acidity in the system, making conditions right for rust.
  • Solder bloom — appears as a white powder which can cake the radiator, heater core and oil cooler. Solder bloom results when combustion by-products enter the cooling system and degrade the glycol in the antifreeze into organic acids, which corrode the solder.
  • Scale — acts as an insulator, creating engine hot spots. Scale is formed when minerals present in hard water precipitate when the engine is shut down. Engine heat then solidifies these particles to form scale. Scale build-up can lead to cracks in the cylinder head, even with sufficient coolant in the system.

    If problems in the cooling system persist, an examination of the coolant filter may offer some diagnostic clues.

  • A Plugged Filter — can indicate the presence of oil in the cooling system, excessive SCAs, dirty water or the presence of stop leak products.
  • A Rusty Filter — can indicate a low level of SCAs and can plug the filter.
  • A Rusty, Leaky Filter — indicates a complete lack of system protection. 
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