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A diesel engine depends on its cooling system for protection from damaging temperature extremes, lubrication of engine components and prevention of scale, sludge and corrosion. 

In fact, leading engine manufacturers estimate that poor maintenance of the cooling system causes 40 percent or more of all premature engine failures.

  • A heavy-duty diesel engine turns only about one-third of the heat it generates into mechanical energy — energy for driving the shafts and turning the wheels.
  • Another 30 percent of the engine’s power goes straight out as exhaust.
  • About seven percent of the heat radiates directly into the atmosphere.
  • Finally, 30 percent of all the engine’s heat seeps into the cooling system and must be dissipated by this system.

    A heavy-duty diesel can produce engine temperatures in excess of 3,000°F (1650°C). If the heat is not transferred, serious damage will occur. The engine’s cooling system bears a major responsibility in this transfer.

    And yet, Baldwin research suggests that only four fleet operators in 10 treat their cooling systems with Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs), as OEM specifications direct. Only three operators in 10 perform cooling system maintenance beyond routine flushing and replacement of coolant — and then only at intervals measured in years. 

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