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Reliable Motor Drive Products
Baldor Australia are the industry leaders in the manufacture of Motor Drive products designed for washdown duty applications.

Baldor Stainless Super-E Premium Efficient Motors
Designed to MEPS 2006 levels, performs efficiently longer than any other industrial electric motor in the most corrosive and caustic applications subjected to frequent high-pressure sanitizing. Features include:
  • 300 Series stainless steel on all external surfaces
  • Encapsulated windings
  • Labyrinth seal on both ends of the shaft extension
Baldor Stainless Steel Brushless Servos
The industry’s most durable, rugged, and compact design in a cost effective package. Available in standard and low inertia models to provide for ideal inertial matching in your machine. Comes with resolver and encoder feedback, and optional holding brakes.

Baldor Stainless Steel Servo Rated Gearhead
Ideal for food, packaging, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries where alloy steels are the minimum requirements for longevity and trouble-free maintenance.
They are durable, highly efficient, and provide long trouble-free operation. Designed with low backlash to reduce shock loads in dynamic applications, providing superior positioning accuracy.

Stainless Steel Right Angle Quill Type Gear Reducer
Units are designed for applications where use of caustic cleaning solutions and regular high-pressure washdowns will compromise the surface of typical aluminium or painted cast iron gear reducers.

Designed with USFDA-approved synthetic food grade oil, for high temperature gearing and reduced internal pressure build up, allowing for a completely sealed gearbox design. Superior reliability and feature laser etched nameplates to eliminate traditional contamination beneath bolt on nameplates.

Stainless Steel Motor Product Features
  • Patent external shaft slinger and seal
  • Stainless steel shaft with epoxy coated rotor. Internal and external shaft seals
  • Double-sealed ball bearings
  • O-ring seals between endplates and frame. Machined drip grooves in endplates
  • Lipped and gasketed conduit box lid
  • Conduit box is welded to the frame
  • Laser etched motor data on top of motor housing. Plus, laser etched identification numbers on both sides of motor frame
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19/11/10 - Baldor Australia Pty Ltd offers the DODGE MagnaGear XTR family of gear reducers designed for conveying and processing applications.
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01/11/10 - Available from Baldor Australia, Series M DC servo motors feature outstanding low speed and smooth running characteristics combined with good thermal characteristics.
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29/10/10 - Available from Baldor Australia, Super-E flange mount 3 phase AC motors are highly efficient and offer enhanced results with minimal heat and reduced operating temperatures.
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28/10/10 - Available from Baldor Australia, wash-down duty 3 phase AC motors are IP 65 rated and all external motor surfaces, shaft and hardware are manufactured entirely from stainless steel.
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