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Right angle and parallel inverter duty gearmotors

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BALDOR Electric Company, locally Australian Baldor , has released its new inverter duty gearmotors designed for use with adjustable speed controls.

The new gearmotor line is rated at 3/8HP, 230V, 60Hz, three phase. Its operating range of 10-90Hz features a broad range of ratios in both right angle and parallel shaft configurations. Right angle units feature an internal oil expansion bladder and Mobil synthetic SHC 634 oil. Both styles are lubricated for life and require no maintenance.

The inverter duty gearmotors feature inverter spike resistant (ISR) magnet wire for good protection against voltage spikes and corona damage.

An induction hardened ground steel worm and bronze gear on all right angle styles provides smooth operation, cool running, good efficiency and long life. Induction hardened all steel helical gears on parallel units provide good load capacity, cool temperatures, good efficiency and long life.

The gearmotors have totally enclosed fan cooled, IP44 protection, high output and offer good protection against environmental conditions.

The new inverter duty gearmotors are UL recognised, CSA certified and CE compliant.

The gearmotors are available in gear ratios range from 5:1 to 75:1 for right angle and 5:1 to 30:1 for standard parallel shaft.

The new inverter duty gearmotor torques range from 38”/lb to 350”/lb, depending on gearmotor style and shaft speed.

Baldor's inverter duty gearmotors are suitable for conveyors, machine tools, material handling, and packaging.

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