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AUSTRALIAN Baldor has released a new series of brushless ac servo motors with rare-earth neodymium iron boron magnetics.

Novel, ring-shaped magnets, that are pressed onto the motor shaft, boost magnetic flux levels significantly, increasing torque levels by from 20 to 60% compared with Baldor's ferrite-based BSM B-series motors.

The magnets are so efficient that Baldor has additionally been able to reduce the length of some motors by typically 2.5 to 5cm - along with significant weight savings.

The increased torque can translate directly into higher throughput, providing OEMs with the means to extend equipment lifecycles without costly re-design.

Designated the BSM C-Series, the new motors offer the same high inertias as equivalent BSM B models - as well as the same style of packaging, IEC mounting and connection arrangements - providing users with a simple upgrade path to higher performance and greater compactness.

Inertias range from 3.72 to 13.1kg-cm2.

BSM C-series complements the company's existing neodymium servo motors, which offer low inertias for applications requiring responsive acceleration and high speeds.

Together, Baldor's servo range provides a choice that allows machine builders to specify the ideal mix of dynamic performance and inertia matching for individual precision motion axes.

BSM C-series provides machine builders with a compact solution for torques ranging from 2 to 20Nm, with a wide speed capability. A variety of feedback devices are available including resolvers, encoders, and absolute position encoders.

High-integrity design principles and quality materials have been employed to assure users of long life and reliability.

Highlights include the use of advanced Polyrex EX grease for the bearings, and premium 200°C moisture-resistant multi-coated insulation wire - potted for extra insulation and safety protection - with an internal thermal switch to protect against exceeding maximum temperature.

The neodymium magnetics additionally offer greater resistance to demagnetisation, assuring users of repeatable performance throughout the motor's life.

Baldor offers a complementary line of brushless servo drives and Mint-compatible motion controller products for servo motion systems with from 1 to more than 12 axes of precision positioning control, providing users with comprehensive solutions from a single source.

All BSM C-series servo motors may be Performance Matched with drives to provide optimum application performance, with Windows Wizard set up, and autotuning.

Several BSM C-series models are held in stock for immediate delivery. Thanks to its computer-controlled manufacturing process, Baldor is also able to provide custom variants, with user-defined shaft, mounting or winding parameters for example.

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