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Camera inspection systems are being used extensively in manufacturing to improve product quality and ensure less defective products are sent out to customers.

These camera inspection systems are particularly effective on high speed production lines where it is not feasible for human operators to inspect every product as it is produced.

The camera inspection system can however provide 100% inspection of all products, thus significantly improving on the random sampling method usually employed.

Azitech specialises in designing and developing customised camera inspection systems for a number of different industries. Typical applications include:

  • Inspecting food packaging and for defects in the seals and finding products that have quality problems. These may include finding colour and shape deformations
  • Detecting defects in pet bottle preforms and blow moulded bottles and closures
  • Inspecting a wide range of problem that occur while manufacturing car parts. Camera inspection systems have been successfully used to monitor machining processes and confirm that specific processes have been completed prior to the next process being started. A simple application would be to confirm that a hole has been threaded prior to a robot screwing in a fitting
  • Timber board sizing and grading and the inspection of various features on routed boards used for building applications
  • Detection of defects in cardboard and paper manufacture. Typical camera inspection systems would be used to inspect webs of paper or plastic for holes and gels or other defects

Other areas where camera inspection systems are frequently used is in the control of robotic systems in pick and place type applications.

The cameras are used to identify the product location and orientation and then guide in the robot to pick up the objects. This has led to improved handling of bagged products that are stacked on pallets.

The new camera inspection technology uses high-speed, high-resolution cameras with multiple camera systems being the norm.

Due to the continual reduction in the cost of the new cameras, it is no longer necessary to only use a single camera to view an object but rather use a number of cameras to view the object from different angles and hence improve the defect detection capability.

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