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Alterpath Manager 5000 enables large scale OOBI

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article image The AlterPath Manager 5000 offers secure, consolidated management.

CYCLADES Corporation has introduced the AlterPath Manager 5000, the newest out-of-band infrastructure (OOBI) manager for the AlterPath System of OOBI products.

Designed for high-end, large-scale enterprises, the AlterPath Manager 5000 offers higher availability, greater scalability and increased efficiency with its enhanced feature set and latest 1.4.0 firmware upgrade.

With greater scalability to manage more than 32,000 console ports through up to 2,048 connected OOBI devices, the AlterPath Manager 5000 increases availability while boosting IT asset efficiency and productivity.

The AlterPath Manager 5000's new features provide seamless and transparent access to critical IT assets when assets become disconnected from the production network or the production network itself fails.

Failovers occur without data loss and with real-time data synchronisation for configuration, data logging and alarms.

The AlterPath Manager 5000's centralised data logging capability captures and consolidates log information from all managed consoles.

Availability is increased with its fault-tolerant design. Its new feature activation functionality also allows enterprises to seamlessly deploy future technologies across IT assets without overhauling the entire infrastructure.

The OOBI provides a secure, alternate path into the production infrastructure to remotely access, diagnose and restore disconnected IT assets.

OOBI deployments have become critical to an enterprise's strategic roadmap. By enabling enterprises to manage their IT assets (either locally or remotely) with an OOBI from a single access point and through one external IP address, the AlterPath Manager 5000 brings significant business benefits and cost savings to the enterprise.

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