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AVG Introduces AVG 2011 Enhanced Internet Security Software Suite

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AVG (AU/NZ)  announces the immediate availability of AVG 2011, the newest Internet security software suite from AVG Technologies.  

Incorporating feedback from AVG’s global community of more than 110 million users, AVG 2011 Internet security software suite includes enhanced web and social network protection, superior detection capabilities, user-friendly interface and a faster, powerful design.  

AVG 2011 is the company’s most advanced consumer and small business security solution to date.  

Peter Cameron, Managing Director of AVG (AU/NZ) says that AVG 2011 harnesses the power of the AVG community by leveraging their large user base.  

He adds that AVG’s new People-Powered Protection technology and approach encourages the community to send in over 1.5 billion potential threats from all over the world for evaluation every single day.  

He believes that AVG 2011’s powerful web security features including the enhanced social networking security, speed and detection rates as well as easy-to-use and intuitive user interface are best-in-class amongst both free and paid security software offerings.    

Superior Web Protection Including Social Network Protection  

Given that most modern day threats are web-based and live on legitimate web sites for sometimes less than 24 hours, real-time analysis and detection is critical.  

AVG’s real-time scanning solution, LinkScanner is unique to AVG and is available for PC and Mac users.  

AVG LinkScanner allows users to surf, search, email, shop and use social networks online confidently with the assurance that the pages they surf are not compromised and the places they choose to visit online are safe to enter personal and private information.  

AVG LinkScanner automatically checks and protects in real-time, links exchanged within social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.  

Enhanced User Experience  

AVG 2011 Internet security software suite now includes several enhancements that improve usability. The installation process involves five simple clicks while the uninstall process is as seamless as ever.  

Noting that many of its users are heavy users of multimedia applications, AVG 2011 includes a ‘game mode’, which scans and protects users’ computers behind the scenes without interrupting full screen multimedia applications with pop-up notifications.  

The ‘Single Click Fix’ function allows users to automatically fix problems with their software via an easy-to-access ‘Fix It’ button.  

Among the Best Detection Rates in the Industry  

Independent tests have proven that AVG 2011 Internet security software suite has among the best virus detection rates in the industry.  

By utilising AVG’s unique Smart Scan and multi-layered approach to detection, AVG users will benefit from the best protection that far surpasses the competition.  

Faster, Lighter and More Powerful

AVG has enhanced its Smart Scan technology to ensure the 2011 version will not slow down the computer.  

AVG 2011 features Smart Scanning, a new functionality that identifies certified and safe files, only scanning new, uncertified files on a user’s computer.  

The computer speed is also not compromised during the scan since AVG 2011’s Smart Scanning scans only those resources not in use at the time.  

AVG Business Edition 2011 — Easy to Administer, Designed for Non-IT Specialists  

AVG 2011 is designed for small or medium sized business owners who do not need to be an IT expert to protect their businesses from online security threats.  

AVG Business Edition 2011 gives Internet-active business owners the protection they need in a way that suits the realities of running a small or medium-sized business.  

Some of the advanced features include an enhanced firewall, new protective cloud technology, network installer and enhanced reports.  


The complete AVG 2011 family of paid consumer and business products is available now online on AVG as well as through a large network of independent software resellers across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

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