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AUTOPAC Systems Pty Ltd offers a wide range of HACCP and GMP compliant metal detector test piece styles to the Australian food industries known as TESTICKS.

Autopac stock hundreds of certified test pieces and they can be ordered in the following styles:

* Test sticks and test cards - for standard inline conveyor based metal detectors.

* Test pucks - for standard and pharmaceutical metal detectors.

* Test wands - for vertical throat type metal detectors.

* Test balls - for free-fall type metal detectors.

* Flexible test wands - for pipeline metal detectors.

For ease of use, the test pieces also have a colour-coded description detailing the size and type of the sphere inside.

Autopac Systems can also provide a "customer code" which, when used with the certificate of conformity number allows the user to access and download the relevant certificate online.

Online certification, high quality manufacturing, simple visible detection and colour-coded verification make TESICKS metal detector test pieces a very cost effective way to manage the important aspects of safety, calibration, verification and insurance liability through quality control.

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