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The range of Telemetry Products from Automation Group includes the Brodersen, Oleumtech and Viper lines of equipment. Able to provide the solution to any stand-alone telemetry needs, the range of products offered by Automation Group is also able to provide interfacing to any existing SCADA and telemetry systems.

The Wireless Digital I/O Module is equipped with 6 configurable discrete channels for supporting a mix of inputs and outputs. With a wireless range of over 50km, this unit is the most flexible, cost effective digital wireless IO solution on the market.

The Oleumtech Wireless Digital (Discrete) I/O Module will suit a wide range of applications including pump monitoring and control or any application that requires mirroring of I/O

  • • Ideal for wireless fail safe, valve control, exception reporting, counter, triggering alarm, mirror I/O applications as well as other industrial monitoring and control applications
  • • 6 programmable digital channels
  • • Supports mix of inputs and outputs (input, counter, output or pulse output option)
  • • 30VDC max input for all channels
  • • Configurable debounce filter
  • • Wireless range of up to 40 miles

The Brodersen range of DNP3 and SNMP TRU equipment from Automation Group features the highest speed processor available, SNMP as standard and the capacity to operate as a stand-alone pump controller with built in web pages for IPAD and other handheld interfaces.

The Brodersen range of RTU and PLC equipment interfaces with all common SCADA and communications systems using various protocols

  • Certified DNP3 protocol
  • Certified RDCMP protocol function
  • High performance 800MHz
  • High resolution 24 bit analogs
  • Range of I/O options

The Miri RD2006 is a modern RTU capable of operating on the Radtel RDCMP networks as well as being upgraded to communicate on DNP3 networks. The RTU is able to operate on any existing Radtel analog or digital radio network, as well as communicate using DNP3.

The Miri RD2006 is a cost-competitive product with inbuilt I/O to suit most applications

  • Certified Radtel RDCMP compliance
  • Extended Radtel RDCMP features including starts and runtimes, store forwarding and peer to peer transfers
  • Internal radio capable of communications on Radtel RDCMP networks
  • Digital or analog radio networks

The Viper SC Digital IP Radio is a software defined radio and is available for 12.5 & 25 kHz ACMA channels. Viper’s entire soft digital interface offers a robust point to point communications link or for the creation of a wide area point to multi-point network.

The Viper SC Radio from Automation Group features routing for easy network expansion and management, advanced diagnostic capabilities and speeds of up to 48kpbs

  • Over the air firmware upgrades are available
  • Internal web browser that offers a familiar interface for IT and network administrators
  • Ability to view device information, configure network parameters and deploy unit upgrades from any location
  • Unique multispeed allows for multiple speeds to operate in a point to multipoint netword
  • Enormous design flexibility over static speed networks

Automation Group is a privately owned group of companies that specialises in providing electrical and automation products to utilities, mining and energy sectors as well as providing comprehensive support and technical services to contractors, integrators and end users.

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