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Baker Switchboards from Automation Group provide projects and services on time and on budget to the mining, energy and water sectors as well as industrial and commercial construction industries across Australia.

Main Switchboards (MSB) are a necessary part of any electrical installation and is generally where the service protection device and supply authority metering equipment is located

  • Pays particular attention to project requirements
  • Provide complete transparency of production during quotation, design and construction
  • Completely factory tested and quality assurance certified to ISO 9001

Automation Groups’ Baker Switchboards design and manufacture many different types of Motor Control Centres in both custom built and propriety type, Form 1 to Form 4 switchboards.

Motor Control Centres are available in a range of control, monitoring and motor starting systems and can be used in a variety of applications

  • Process water control, treatment, transport and management
  • Industrial factory process applications
  • Mining applications such as conveyors, crushers, winders, pumping and fans
  • Grain infrastructure, movement and process control
  • Quarry infrastructure, movement and process control

Distribution Boards from Baker Switchboards are available in various shapes and sizes to suit individual requirements and project specifications

  • High quality protection and control devices throughout
  • Superior reliability and serviceability
  • User friendly, providing optimal ease of installation

Baker Switchboards provide Mechanical Services equipment for the control and protection of air conditioning, climate control and ventilation systems. Baker Systems deal with a number of manufacturers and several types of Building Management Systems (BMS) to cover a multitude of different operational parameters.

Baker Switchboards offer an automatic, stepped Power Factor Correction device that improves the operating efficiency of electrical power systems in both propriety stand-alone enclosures and custom built assemblies incorporated into switchboards.

When applied correctly, Power Factor Correction can reduce electricity costs, increase energy efficient and reduce carbon footprints

  • Poor power quality has a detrimental impact on any electrical system and can dramatically increase power bills if left uncorrected
  • Harmonics can cause significant overheating in electrical components and cables
  • Poor harmonics can cause unexplained power outages and malfunctions in equipment sensitive to power quality, costing money and increasing downtime

Automation Group works with partner civil and electrical contractors in various local government, mining, water industry, industrial and energy sectors; providing switchboards and automation engineering as well as high quality, premium automation products to deliver to their customers collectively.

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