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Gas detection, Pressure switches from Automatic Control Company

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Automatic Control Company  offers ACME gas detection that has been designed to control ventilation systems in buildings, through Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas detection in underground parking garages. The gas detection of ACME offered by Automatic Control Company offers three benefits such as air quality control that assures safety in environment dangerous gases as well as conserves electricity. This also detects diesel fume in terms of bus, truck terminal and unloading areas.

Automatic Control Company offers EDC level switchers. EDC has its own design, development as well as manufacturing facilities in terms of condenses pumps and electronic controls. The condense pumps from EDC consists of wide range of small, quiet running and high performance pumps that has capacities for drawing off up to 70 litres of water per hour from condensation in ventilation systems and air conditioning. EDC offers Pacific condensate pump, Limpet condensate pump, Drain pan pump and SkyJet condensate pump. The alarm, control and protection device of EDC comprises of FPA-1000, Aqua-Switch, F-series, FPAD-1000, inverter phase check and ACC.2420.0.

Automatic Control Company offers Dwyer precision instruments for measuring, transmitting and controlling pressure temperature level and flow. Preso provides flow meter for any kind of process that can be measured with differential pressure technology, with calibrated accuracy of better than ±1 percent of reading.

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