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Autobag and SidePouch bag packaging systems to be introduced at AusPack

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article image Autobag AB 180 Print-n-Pack

A world-leading packaging specialist, Automated Packaging Systems Ltd is introducing a wide range of bag packaging systems into the Australian market.
The high-reliability bag packaging systems include the Autobag AB 180 Print-n-Pack, AB 180 with AccuCount, Pacesetter PS 125 OneStep, and the FAS SPrint Revolution.
The Autobag AB 180 Print-n-Pack is a range of high-speed baggers featuring an inline thermal transfer printer for applying high-resolution graphics, text and barcodes directly onto the bag. Operating at speeds up to 80 bags per minute, the bagger is ideal for packing small to medium products in bags measuring up to 28cm W x 56cm L. The AB 180 bagger also integrates with automatic in-feeds such as the Autobag Accu-Count 200 high speed automatic counter.
The Pacesetter PS 125 OneStep is an all-electric tabletop bagger designed to pack up to 25 bags per minute in low to medium volume hand-load operations. Applications of the electric tabletop baggers include bag packaging for a wide range of hardware, electronics, plumbing, crafts, automotive, medical and kit components.
The FAS SPrint Revolution presents a conveyor of pre-opened bags that are ready for immediate loading from a wide workspace. Specifically designed for use in food packaging applications, the system operates in continuous, intermittent or batch modes, and packs at speeds up to 2,200cm per minute.
Genuine Autobag and SidePouch materials are system-matched for guaranteed reliability. The bags are available in many different material types, sizes and features, such as reclosable zippers, flaps, tapes and hanger holes. The bags can be printed in up to 10 colours, enabling high impact graphics for greater customer appeal.

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